Offering a Range Of Scaffolding Packages in Napier

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You can come to B-Line Rigging & Scaffolding HB for total package solutions that will perform to any demands. Most importantly, our packages can be customised to the particular client, their project and their objectives. Whether you are in the residential, commercial or industrial sector, we will find the best scaffolding and rigging options to suit. You can call us today on 0800 RIGGER or 06 835 3762 to arrange an obligation-free quote!

Tube and fitting

Tube and fitting is a very versatile type of scaffolding, which can be made to fit just about any purpose. Our scaffold tube comes in .5m increments, from .5m to 6.5m long lengths. Fittings are available in double coupler, swivel coupler, single coupler, sleeve joiner and girder coupler.

Offering a large variety of options for hire, all components are AS/NZ 1576 approved. 
Tube and fitting service

H-Frames (light duty only)

B-Line has a large number of 2m high x 1m wide H-Frames for hire. These frames are joined by cross braces, with a maximum spacing between frames of 2.4m. These can be supplied on a casual basis to the residential builder. They can be erected up to 5m by un-ticketed, competent workmen or can be supplied already erected, if above this height.

Modular (Layher type) scaffolding

We have a limited amount of modular (Layher type) scaffolding for hire. A quick system to erect and dismantle, it is ideal for long-straight walls and can also be adapted to suit most applications.
Modular scaffolding
Expandable scaffolding brackets

Edge Protection – Extendable Scaffolding Bracket (The Brackit)

The Brackit is assembled off the timber framing, usually 1m below the eaves or lower if required. It is planked out with a toe board, and a 1m scaffold tube is coupled to its stanchion part. Horizontal handrails are added to offer a safety compliant working platform. If a work platform is not needed, the fully adjustable Brackit can be slid in to hug the gutter line and be utilised as roof edge protection. This system is only to be erected and dismantled by a suitably qualified scaffolder. If you have a conventional notifiable scaffold we will ensure it is certified and controlled. The Brackit was designed by the B-Line directors, namely Paul Bradleigh and Wayne Bicknell. It is currently under review for an Australasian wide patent.


We can supply a variety of falsework for hire, including props, shoreloading equipment, U-heads, base jacks, LVL bearers, 200 UB18 bearers and cross braces. If the need arises, we can supply scaffold tube to support concrete floors. We have the facilities to design falsework hireage options to suit your pre-cast or Instu concrete flooring needs.
Falsework supply
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